Ball valves

FLV Ball valve, along with the butterfly valve and plug valve, are part of the family of quarter-turn valves

ball valve

FLV Ball valve has a spherical design device with a hole in it used for isolation and on-and-off service. The ball is always in the fluid path. Because this valve is symmetrical, either end can be the inlet allowing flow to come through either direction, and can be used for changing flow direction.

Unlike other valves, the Ball valve may have different designs, but they are all assembled the same way. Ball valves have many configurations: floating, trunnion mounted, union body, split body, end entry, top entry, 3-piece, etc. There are also special service designs: cryogenic, metal to metal, subsea, severe conditions, double block, and bleed.

Trunnion mounted ball valves,side entry type

These valves are suitable for demanding and critical applications in oil&gas, petrochemical and chemical industry. With the wide range of special valve materials available, the valves find frequent use off-shore and in similar applications where physical and chemical resistance to both flow medium and environment is of utmost importance.
Valves can be engineered to suit any particular client requirement.

ball valve design


  • Valves designed according to API 6D
  • All sizes available as full-or reduced bore
  • Double block-bleed on request
  • Fire safe to BS 6755, API 6FA and API 607
  • Valve seats as single or double piston type
  • Elastomeric and thermoplastic sealing materials to suit application
  • Can be delivered with any type of actuator & accessories
  • Secondary sealing by grease injection
  • All sizes and classes available with metal-metal sealing
  • Fully welded upon request
  • Antistatic device and anti blow-out stem
  • Special executions for cryogenic or high temp service


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